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Three Minutes to a Calmer, Anxiety-Free Existence

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

A well-established life coach, Peter Winslow emphasizes a mind-body connection to enable people to overcome stress and overeating addictions and return to a balanced life. At the center of Peter Winslow’s work as life coach is the The Three Minute Miracle to End Anxiety, which focuses on employing the brain as a “cortisol kill switch” in shutting off the hormones that lead to fight-or-flight instincts that cause negative results such as binge eating.

Step one of the program involves recognizing the signs immediately when anxiety hits and refusing to fall into panic mode. When fast-acting adrenaline hits, try to press the “pause button on life" and stop everything.
Next, breathe in slowly and imagine that the breath is coming in through the heart, which is the center of emotion, good will, and love. Imagine that you are breathing in light and exhaling stress, toxicity, and resistance from your lungs and through the pores. Feeling this, a sensation of sinking down into the moment emerges, and the mind is directed toward a time when a true sense of love was present.
This process leads to an acceptance of unconditional love, and as deep breathing continues, the loving energy expands beyond the heart and emanates into every aspect of life, including people and places. This powerful three-minute process uses a technique described in full at

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