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Three Minute Miracle - Limiting Stress-Causing Adrenaline in the Body

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Arizona life coach Peter Winslow emphasizes the power of focused effort in achieving personal transformation that begins with overcoming the debilitative effect of stress and anxiety. Informing Peter Winslow’s work as a life coach is his own experience with PTSD and night terrors that manifested in a “dreaded feeling in the gut.”

This feeling has to do with the body’s fight-or-flight stress response. Whatever the type of anxiety at hand, whether it is OCD, social anxiety, or PTSD, the core reason for the feeling is adrenaline. While some ride its waves as “adrenaline junkies,” others react in a negative way through a core feeling of wanting to escape. Resistance to adrenaline leads to a catastrophic cycle that hijacks impulses and creates responses that can lead to negative effects such as uncontrolled weight gain.

The good news is that adrenaline can be metabolized by the body in as little as three minutes, and panic or stress attacks can go away nearly as quickly as they began. The Three Minute Miracle to End Anxiety utilizes this approach in minimizing the duration of panic attacks and has no side effects. Rather, it allows people to once again lead centered, low-anxiety lives. Mr. Winslow incorporates dozens of distinct techniques in accomplishing this goal, including meditation and mindfulness.


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