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The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Yoga

Peter Winslow

A life coach and the proprietor of the Scottsdale-based GoldMind, LLC, Peter Winslow helps people achieve their goals and advance their careers. One way in which Peter Winslow encourages wellness is through yoga, a spiritual practice and physical workout.

While the physical benefits of yoga receive considerable attention, its psychological and emotional benefits are sometimes overlooked. These benefits are less tangible, but they can inform the way one approaches daily life. Yoga requires slow, deep breaths, and taking these breaths impacts the nervous system. When breathing during yoga, one often relaxes more easily and can shift from the flight-or-fight mode to the rest-and-digest mode.
Yoga can also contribute to the development of a stronger sense of self. More exercise, especially with healthy eating, can help improve one’s willpower and interpersonal relationships. Yoga can help mitigate the symptoms of those with common mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. It can also modulate the stress response of the body and encourage heart rate variability, which translates into the capacity to respond to stress with greater flexibility.

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