I’m life coach and counselor Peter Winslow. Yesterday was the last day of winter, but you wouldn't know it. Here in Sonora the weather is calm and cozy, with big white fleecy clouds billowing fancifully by. It's a warm sunny day under a cool breeze and I trust you enjoy it as much as I do.

Today heralds the Vernal Equinox, the day on which darkness and light last for equal duration. Soon the days will grow longer and the nights will be shorter. I like to use this as a reminder of just how much sunnier and warmer life gets in this season of transition.

Speaking of sunny days, in the recent sessions of our Winslow Method life-coaching group we've sustained a conversation about what the ego is, and we've come up with as many ways to think of it as there are people in the discussion. Many of them share the notion that ego is an enemy, a fraud, and a villain. It is a sinister entity which casts doubt, blame and shame on oneself and others.

Yet it's just not the case. In fact, when the ego and what many call the "true self" come to align with each other, we feel neither oppressed nor fragile. We gain a clear sense of identity and purpose which creates an important shift in our personalities. This shift allows us to be more sensitive, more resourceful and more able to attain our dreams and aspirations. The personal power that follows gives us the ability to be confident without hubris and to make a powerful impression on the people we meet.

– Peter Winslow

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