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Golfing in the Heat

Peter Winslow

Peter Winslow works as a transformational life coach with GoldMind, LLC, whose services include counseling, coaching, hypnotherapy, and wealth consciousness. During his free time, Peter Winslow enjoys golfing. He likes to take advantage of the large number of golf courses in the Scottsdale area.

Golfing in the American Southwest requires a golfer to make peace with the heat. Though it can be trying, golfers can make the experience easier and less strenuous by adhering to the following rules.
1. Golfers should bring a lot of water and drink as much as four times the amount they expect to need. A 20-ounce bottle of water every three holes should be enough for an average golfer in 90-degree heat. But it would not be remiss of them to bring twice that amount.
2. New golfers should pick a mix of courses. This can provide a variety of shade conditions, ensuring that new golfers find something they like and get some time in the shade.
3. One trick for golfing in Arizona heat has nothing to do with the time spent on the course itself, however. The golfer should park in the shadiest spot available. A slightly longer walk to the course might be annoying, but no one wants to return to a car that is even hotter than the course.

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