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Chronic Stress and Natural Healing

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

For over 15 years, author and educator Peter Winslow has served as a life coach who helps empower clients facing significant life changes due to illness. Through Peter Winslow’s transformative life coaching sessions, people with chronic pain can learn about the benefits of stress reduction and how to apply this information to their life.

In small doses, cortisol is necessary for promoting the body's natural healing mechanisms. However, in situations of prolonged stress, the level of cortisol in the body becomes too high and disrupts the ability of the body’s immune system to heal wounds and repair cell damage.
High levels of cortisol stemming from chronic pain can start a vicious cycle. Cortisol inhibits the body’s natural painkillers, increasing pain and stress levels, which results in the production of more cortisol.
For this reason, stress reduction is a key component of effective chronic pain management. Some common methods of reducing stress and cortisol include deep breathing techniques and regular light physical exercise.

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