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Building Resiliency by Learning from Failure

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Arizona-based life coach Peter Winslow has authored several books focusing on achieving wellness and overcoming obstacles. Peter Winslow uses his proprietary coaching system to help clients obtain a mindset that will enable them to achieve their career and personal goals.

Many experts believe resilience, or the ability to overcome failure, has many positive benefits for physical and emotional health. One way to increase resilience is to view failure as a learning opportunity rather than an insurmountable setback. Here are a few definitions of failure that can help people make the most out of their mistakes.

Failure is common: The perfect result is almost never achieved on the first try. The average entrepreneur goes through nearly four failed projects before becoming successful.

Failure is a side effect of progress: When starting a new task or experiment, it is normal to have high failure rates. Information from each failure adds to the body of knowledge that will eventually result in a successful outcome.

Failure is something to celebrate: It is important to recognize that success is not only an end result but also the culmination of a series of failures. Failing demonstrates positive personal qualities such as risk-taking, self-confidence, curiosity, and creativity.

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