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Breaking Ingrained Habits through Intention and Being Present

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Based in Arizona, Peter Winslow has extensive experience as a life coach and emphasizes the power of intention when pursuing transformation. One of Peter Winslow’s sources of inspiration as a life coach is Eckhart Tolle, who emphasizes the importance of intention and has authored bestselling books such as The Power of Now.

A form of intention that many engage in is the New Year’s resolution, which has as its most significant barrier existing bad habits. One aspect of this involves underestimating the true effort involved. For example, if the intention is to quit alcohol or cigarettes, this is not a simple goal but a complex endeavor that involves aspects of addiction such as the chemistry of the body, mental habits, and one’s social surroundings.
The solution for less extreme bad habits might appear to be much simpler and within reach. For example, an apparently simple-to-attain goal is treating one’s children with greater compassion and kindness. Unfortunately, a different type of barrier can arise here in the form of Pain-Body, which feeds on drama and can result in returning the pain received by inflicting pain on others through yelling or violent outbursts.
As Eckhart Tolle describes it, transformation comes with a realization that the Pain-Body trap is far larger than the relatively small situation that is generating negative energy. Through embracing the Power of Now, a process of dis-identification with the Pain-Body occurs that ultimately leads to finding the real self within the present and breaking ingrained habits.

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