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Anxiety and the “Fight Or Flight” Manifestation of Stress

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Based in Arizona, Peter Winslow is a life coach who emphasizes a transformational approach in enabling clients to overcome life challenges and break bad habits. Informing Peter Winslow’s coaching was his personal experience working through ankylosing spondylitis, which he was told by physicians was incurable.

As presented at, one core program offering is the Three Minute Miracle to End Anxiety. This program focuses on dealing with the stresses that can sabotage an individual’s best efforts to achieve weight loss.

Mr. Winslow describes his own early experiences of stress and dealing with PTSD related to his father returning home from combat in Vietnam. This ultimately caused night terrors, an extreme form of anxiety that he lived with for a decade before learning to control it.
With a "pill-a-day” regimen not working, he began a self-learning process that allowed him to halt anxiety immediately and work to reverse the PTSD that had been handed down to him from his father. A key realization was that anxiety is not simply “all in your head” but inhabits the body and centers on the release of adrenalin and a “fight or flight” stress response.
Among other detrimental effects, stress creates a craving for sugary, fatty foods that have little nutritional value and add unneeded pounds. Through understanding the process of anxiety and overcoming it, he was able to achieve positive life skills such as weight control.

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