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A Brief Look at the Law of Identity

Peter Winslow

For nearly two decades, inspiration life coach Peter Winslow has used time-tested techniques to help his clients achieve satisfaction in their careers and personal lives. In addition to seeing clients at GoldMind, LLC, his private office in Scottsdale, Arizona, Peter Winslow has shared his views on life, healing, and finding purpose in his four self-help books.

Chapter 1 of Mr. Winslow’s book, Falling in Love with Your Life: The Formula for Lasting Fulfillment, reviews some of the “seminal facts of life.” One of the facts, “you get what you are,” is based on a concept known as the Law of Identity.

According to this principle, the circumstances that people find themselves in are a direct result of their thought processes and beliefs - people project their desires, fears, and judgments onto the external world. For example, people who feel satisfied with their lives will discover more sources of satisfaction. In line with this concept, achieving happiness or success stems from first seeing oneself as a happy or successful person.

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